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A bit about me:

Kara Lebihan – Author


My writing career began when I was eight years old. I lived with my parents, two sisters and one brother in the north east of England, close to a spooky graveyard, some tumble down farm building and super-sledging hill. I was a poet at the time! By the age of eleven I had graduated to novels, some of which still survive and are safely hidden away in a box in deepest, darkest Manchester.

Following that, my writing went quiet but I never quite forgot it and remembered to have a dabble every now and again. At the age of 27 years my first picture book idea popped into my head while I was on a bus in Singapore. I quickly jotted the idea down on the back of my bus ticket, dashed home and wrote the story. A Jumper For Zac was never published but was the start of a great many ideas and hours of enjoyment, as well as huge frustrations and much gnashing of teeth!

Now, many years later, I live in China with my husband and son where I continue to write picture books but unfortunately don’t speak Chinese!

Where do my ideas come from?

My ideas pop into my head from nowhere! It can happen any time, any place, anywhere and usually when I’m least expecting it which means I have to scribble my ideas down on bus tickets, napkins or anything else that happens to be close by!

Where did the idea for Mrs Vickers’ acrobatic knickers come from?

When my son was a baby I spent many an hour pushing him around the streets of Altrincham in his pushchair. Every now and again we would pass a stray sock, shoe, glove or hat lying on the pavement or thoughtfully placed upon a garden wall. The story of Mrs Vicker’s Knickers was initially about a lost sock that fell from a pushchair, was discovered by an energetic dog and taken on a journey around the town, only to be dropped back in the same spot as it had started off. However, socks are nowhere near as funny as knickers. And so the story changed...